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Men’s Jewelry


It’s no secret that men want to look stylish. The importance of looking polished and sophisticated is not lost on most men these days. However, the right combination of clothes and shoes is not all. Jewelry is one of the things that can best complete a man’s look.

But men want something more than mere decoration. They want jewelry that symbolizes their faith, their religious or spiritual beliefs. Since the beginning of time, jewelry has been more than just a means to adorn our bodies or complete an outfit.

Men’s jewelry first appeared as far back as the Stone Age, with pieces that were made from seashells, wood, animal teeth, and bone. Thousands of years later, metals started being used to fashion jewelry, and became very popular. Gold, in particular, was found very easy to work with.

The Egyptian Pharaohs took jewelry making to a whole other level. They made an astounding variety of gold jewelry including necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, anklets, arm cuffs, as well as breathtaking head pieces. Egyptians used jewelry as a symbol of their status and power, but also for protection. When they died, the more jewelry they were buried with, the better - it ensured them a prosperous afterlife. It was also a means to indicate to the Egyptian gods the wearer’s status, so that it would be known upon his arrival to the netherworld.

In Roman times, Christians wore necklaces that bore the ichthys, a fish symbol, to identify themselves as members of the Christian faith and thus be able to enter secret rituals and meetings.

In the Middle Ages, jewelry became the most notorious status symbol, one of the things that easily separated the serfs from the rich, upper classes and nobility. Men wore necklaces and rings, but adornments for shields and swords were also quite popular. Once again, jewelry, particularly pieces with gemstone were believed to hold a magical power, which is why it was also popular with magicians, seers, or anyone with mystical beliefs.

Men’s jewelry continued to gain popularity and as materials became more affordable and more varied, more and more men started using jewelry.

Throughout the ages jewelry has consistently been used for more than mere adornment. Today, what we call inspirational jewelry is more than just cool accessories. Pieces may have a special meaning to the wearer, or may indicate his religious or spiritual beliefs, a way to share their vision of the world.


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